Meet the Artists

Our team of awesome people actually spans across the nation!  We only work with artists who reflect the quality and integrity of our work.  Below is the core team, but often times we call on our extended team mates when needed. So if you need 20 face painters or balloon twisters for your even, we can make it happen and deliver top quality service. I will be adding photos of everyone in a bit!

Hope to see you at your party or event soon!


The Artists:

Brenda – Face Painter, Balloon Twister, Glitter Tattoos, Balloon Decor and owner of this joint 🙂  since 2007

Cinthya – Face Painter, Balloon Twister, Airbrush Tattoo Artist, Balloon Decor Artist since 2007 and awesome person.

Angie – Face Painter, Glitter Tattoos since 2008 and also an awesome person.

Tice – Balloon Twister, DJ since 2008 and amazing person.

Caio – Balloon Twister since 2008 and sweetest person ever.

Tasha – Face Painter, Balloon Twister, Glitter Tattoo Artist, Balloon Decor and fabulous person.

Esther – Face Painter, Balloon Twister, Animator since the beginning of time (about 18 years or so… but she looks 18 which doesn’t quite add up) and fantastic person.

Emma – Glitter Tattoos artist since 2016 and super lovely and adorable person.